keimun:  "i love you."

i love you too, sweetie. ;; 

keimun:  "sajgfasiofjsklaf :("

i don’t understand, sorry, sweety. T_T could you speak more clearly?

keimun:  "notice me, pls"

what do you mean?

keimun:  "i want you."


one day when you wake up in tears,

あなたの側で 1 つをするしたいのですが
i want to be the one by your side

to tell you

“it’s okay, it was just a dream.
— (via sehunova)

° bts 

keimun:  "i super duper really love you, sweetie.♡"

i love you too, my sweetheart. ;; ♥

i’m stupid ok